Oh, the places I can go!

ImageI’m on my thirty-third chapter of Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. If this book was a person, I’m falling head over heels already. Being a melancholic person myself and despite being a book targeted to women in their thirties, I can sympathize with Elizabeth to the point of being able to relate to her. I don’t mean that I was married, divorced and now travelling and eating to my heart’s content, learning a foreign language to sound sexy and ogling at hot Italian men. I was drawn into the ‘light in the tunnel’ concept in the book and the charming and adorable humor amid the darker, more serious undertones. There were parts where I can see myself breaking down, like Elizabeth, feeling utterly lonely despite being in a prosperous and loving relationship. The book is sprinkled with surprises as well – moments which made me go ‘Aha! I see what you did there’ and sometimes can’t help myself praise Elizabeth for her skillful weaving of words and moments.

I’ve never been anywhere outside of Asia (and only a few countries for that matter!) so reading this book was as close as experiencing Italy firsthand. Elizabeth paints a picture of Italy so marvelously without sounding like a travel guidebook that sometimes I get skeptical of how good Italy really is. Oh, and the men she encounters in the book… they sound like people I want to be best friends with.

And that is just Italy. Her next stops are India and Indonesia and I’m on my edge of my seat, excited for what is in store for her (and me)! You know what Dr Suess said

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

I can’t wait to visit India and Indonesia! Ciao!


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