Fishing the New Year

Eat, Pray, Love is so beautifully written! So here is something from her book that I simply think is too good to not share:

As the minutes pass, it feels to me like we are collectively pulling the year 2004 towards us. Like we have roped it with our music, and now we are hauling it across the night sky like it’s a massive fishing net, brimming with all our unknown destinies. And what a heavy net it is, indeed, carrying as it does all the births, deaths, tragedies, wars, love stories, inventions, transformations and calamities that are destined for all of us this coming year.

I really like this strong visual image of how a new year’s eve should be celebrated! It’s telling me that we should not expect anything that the universe has in store for us, because the sea is vast and deep. That it is better to accept everything that it has to offer, whether it’s good fish or bad fish. Because it’s our joys and sorrows, and how we make of it, that make us human. We should haul it out with our determination, strength and music.

Loving this book to the fullest.


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