Daily Prompt: Do or Die (My Backyard)

In an attempt to be consistent with my blogging, I’ve been reading other blogs for some tips and inspiration. And I wasn’t disappointed at all at what I found. I was overwhelmed! I was intimidated by the amount of interesting information that is up for reading. Despite all that and the countless questions that float in my head, it’s still hard to think of a robust topic to blog about. And so I decided to draw inspiration from Daily Post after aimlessly wondering through the blog-sphere.

From the Daily Post:
You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place, or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go!

I’ve been to a few countries and have changed houses several times but nothing feels as convenient and readily accessible to peace and tranquility as my current backyard.

Right behind my backyard’s timber fence is the bush. Thus, my backyard is where man meets nature. Home meets the wilderness. Land meets sky. A stage where nature sings her songs, her creatures dance along and the backdrop of seasons change. It’s where winter, spring, summer or autumn play their acts.

The vast sky is where I watch the millions of striking colours it has to offer. My backyard faces west and so it receives spectacular sunsets all year round! The sky is sometimes vivid and bold, in violent strokes across the canvas of the sky. Sometimes in subdued hues, perfect without blemish. Sometimes dark and ominous, like a sulking person. And sometimes it likes to be playful, adorning itself with peculiar shapes of white, as if mimicking the white laundry flapping in the wind.

My backyard maybe quite bare at the moment, but it is where growth and new life starts. It will produce fruits and vegetables. It will spark the latent human nature of stewardship. And when the summer sun scorches the land; persistence. It is where man communes with nature, with god, and with himself. My backyard is the seat of compassion. I sit there and contemplate, away from human blame and criticism. It is my quick escape from the harsh and fast-paced world of progress and technology. It is a place to sort my thoughts and emotions. It is my silent counselor.

Yep! My backyard can still be pretty lame to others even after reading all that, but to me, it’s something! All that I’ve written, it’s no exaggeration. My backyard feels close to my heart. What is your backyard to you?

These are my photos. Please do not copy without acknowledging this site and linking back to it. Thank you!


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