Daily Prompt: Success! (Man is His Own Enemy)

I felt a pang of anger and sadness both at the same time as they assembled the booth. They were messing around and being half-assed with the task that I entrusted upon them. Despite the wasteful amount of tape and ropes that was used, the booth kept falling down as it was poorly taped and tied together. One even threw a pair of scissors into the cardboard walls out of frustration and made holes in it. Quietly whilst controlling my temper, I fixed and re-assembled the booth… and it did stand up, just as I expected. I was, after all, the only person who painstakingly prepared the parts. The booth looked good but it didn’t matter anymore, I was badly hurt inside seeing the lack of care and respect they have for the things I’ve made. The amount of time and effort I put in it, day till night.

I held onto that grudge, producing poisonous thoughts about them. I struggled between making the decision to let them know my feelings and withholding the guilt they deserved.

Dusk came. But I still needed to let go of this negative pent-up feelings. I messaged someone I thought I could trust, but they were busy.

So here I am now, writing to you, a complete stranger. I feel the urge to write something. I wanted to do this Daily Prompt. It has been on my mind lately, but I couldn’t find the right words to write. Fortunately for us both, recalling that event and stumbling upon this post has helped me remember a quote that never fails to strike a chord in me:

Man is his own worst enemy – Cicero (Marcus Tullius Cicero)

Success to me means a lot of things. A good home, a good career, a good lifestyle, a good small group of loyal, dependable friends, and hopefully, a loving, lifelong partner. But signing up for a WordPress blog and seeing life through other’s eyes has helped me open my eyes wider. Success was never about the attainment of superficial things. Yes, we want to be loved, but it was never about attaining others for ourselves.

I think true success already lies within us. I strongly believe that God has already blessed us with everything we need. True success can’t be touched, seen, felt, heard or tasted by the body. True success is not short-lived. True success that is timeless is in words. Self-control. Discipline. Love. Contentment. Joy in little things. Compassion. Gentleness. Forgiveness. Acceptance. Humility. They already have been planted. Nurture these and soon harvest its fruits. Fruits that will make you happy. We know success is synonymous with happiness.

My version of success is really difficult to attain. But I believe it’s not impossible. I still think material things are important enough to survive in this world. But let’s all aim higher. Let’s all aim to attain something bigger than ourselves, yet is already inside us. Today, I nurtured my self-control and gentleness on myself. If one day I am remembered, not for what I have, but for what I have become, for my happiness and consequently for the happiness of others, let me truly say “Success! Life well lived!”.

Conquer ourselves for true success already lies in us.

This is a late response to this Daily Prompt:
What is a life well lived to you?


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