2013 New Year’s Eve

The sounds are familiar, tucked deep in the recesses of my mind. Memories of long passed childhood, creeping to the surface.

From inside my house, different coloured lights flash through my window curtains and heard a discord of sounds coming from outside. Fireworks going off simultaneously or all at once, whistling, crackling, popping, engines roaring; karaoke blasting; children and adults shouting and party blowers tooting. Lured by all the sounds and lights, I dashed out to see the commotion. And true enough, gathered within the narrow strip of road, everyone was making as much noise as possible. My mind was overstimulated by the sights around me! Cars and motorcycles are revved up, children with sparklers are running all over the place, and fireworks exploded in the sky and sprayed in the streets. A little girl tugged at my shirt and pointed at the sky beyond the rooftop, “Kuya! Look!” I looked up and saw two lonely lanterns floating higher into the sky.

Only three hundred and sixty six days ago, I was in a different world. A word in where you watch fireworks on the television or from a designated spectator’s area. The streets are quiet and deserted, save for a few houses where parties are being held. Even so, noise is controlled for fear of complaints from the neighbors and the police.

In this world, at least for me, New Year’s Eve is more of a quite contemplation of what’s passed and what’s been done. However in this other world of sounds and lights, New Year is not just welcomed with wide open arms, but also with loud, pompous, shameless and uninhibited greeting. This year, New Year felt strangely familiar, like a long lost and almost forgotten childhood friend than an aquaintance who’s just passing by. I like this loud New Year. It’s been a long time since I’ve last seen him.


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