Circumstances forced me here…

“Son, remember when your grandfather suffered from cancer and died? Your dad and I paid most of the medical and funeral expenses because your uncles and aunties were either too poor or to bitter to help. Those that couldn’t afford to help with money stayed and took care of your grandfather patiently and lovingly while we are a thousand miles away from him. Your uncles an aunties are struggling to make their own living and are taking care of their own families, yet still managed to give their time and support. It may not be money, but it was just as important.

Son, we’re still a family. Even if you are a thousand miles away, divided by lands and seas, time and place, you are family. In the future, your Pa and I may not be able to give you much in financial support but we can always give you a bed to sleep on, a table to eat from and a home to come back to.”

“I’m sorry I had to come back. There’s nowhere for me to go.” I was choking on my words.

“It’s okay. Things like this always happen. You are always welcomed home, no matter the circumstances.”

She handed me my drink and I took it, clasping it with both of my hands. It was still nice and warm.

“Come, drink it before it gets cold.”

I took a careful sip, letting the warm liquid kiss my lips. Having being used to drinking coffee almost every morning after I left home, the drink tasted pleasantly sweet. I let its warmth fill me and envelope me.

Or maybe it was the warmth from my mother who was already drawing me close to her.


This story is my response to Daily Post’s Writing Challenge. Despite being a fictitious story, it is heavily influenced by the economic issues young adults today are facing (high unemployment, high cost of living and adults going back to their parent’s house), speculations on the state of my house, career and how I think my mother and I would respond accordingly when faced with these circumstances. I could even say this is a written manifestation of my hopes and fears. Yes, it’s speculative, but if this truly happened, I hope my mother will be as graceful and understanding as she is here in this story. Hehe!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there!


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